Metanoia Skin Care Studio

A place of prefect peace & skin happiness

Are you in a toxic relationship with your skin? Achieve the skin you desire with natural peels.
 All peels are excluded from promotions. 

How do I know it's working?
You don't need to see the peeling or exfoliation to know the ingredients are working, Every skin type has a varying degree of thickness, causing every person to react differently to the skin care ingredients. One may feel the peel more during certain seasons of the year, or experience the sensation differently based on medications, hormones, treatments and/or other products they've previously used. 

Kombucha Clarifying  Enzyme Peel:

For Active & Oily Skin

Grapefruit, Kombucha Clarifying  Enzyme Peel:

For Active & Oily Skin

Grapefruit, kombucha, pineapple and papaya enzymes loosen and exfoliate dull, dry surface cells, unclogging pores and stimulating circulation for improved clarity, tone and texture. Fruit stem cell complex and vitamin C boost healthy cell renewal for a clear, refreshed complexion.  

Duration 30 mins Price $ 30.00

Radiate Fruit Peel: 

For Age Defense 

Renew a youthful glow & texture with multi-fruit acids and lactic acid. a potent AHA  (Alpha hydroxy Acid) blend to smooth the look of wrinkles, leaving skin refreshed and invigorated.  Duration 30 mins Price $ 30.00

Harmonizing Pumpkin Honey Peel:

For Normal and Combination Skin benefits- Skin Brightening 

Pumpkin rich in beta carotene, blended with manuka honey and citrus glycolic AHA, gently dissolve and lift away dull surface cells, exfoliating and resurfacing for even tone and smooth texture, helps revitalize for a brighter, luminous complexion.  

 Duration 30 mins Price $ 30.00

Peel packages pricing: 

4 Peels for $100.00

6 Peels for $130.00

After Care for a Natural Peel: 

Immediate aftercare: The skin has been deep cleansed, stimulated and nourished. No aftercare is needed except to leave it alone. Avoid picking, squeezing pimples or touching the area. Do not apply make-up for at least 8 hours if possible, Avoid any further over stimulation and heat treatments for at least 12 hours, Avoid highly perfumed products, No depilation (hair removal) should take place after a peel or facial.  


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